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Residential Carpet Cleaning 

Most carpet stains can be removed with just a little soap and warm water. Some might require some tougher stuff like detergent or some other stain remover. 

But when you spill stuff like grape juice, red wine, mustard or other any other such substances that notoriously hard to clean, you will want to give us a call because you will want to take care of stains like these very quickly and do it the right way because once its in the naps of the carpet for a certain length of time it almost becomes a part of it. This can end up costing you ti replace it.   We are simple phone call away. We have what it takes to get the job done right the first time.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Spots and stains in your carpet are the fastest way to turn away customers and clients from your business.  Did You know that dirty carpets can even have a negative impact on employee's attitude towards their work?  The quicker you get that carpet looking bright and clean and smelling fresh, you will see an increase in customer retention and employee morale. 

Call us, we have the tools, experience and we get the job done quickly! 

Carpets In Churches and Movie Theaters

Places like churches, theaters, banquet halls and hotel hall ways are heavily trafficked areas that require and entirely different approach. First of all the carpet has to be treated with solutions that can help slow down the wear and tear and save you tons of money in the ling run. 

We ca show you how to add years to your carpet and savings to your bottom line. Call us 

Oriental & Antique Rug Cleaning 

Aged rugs with intricate weaving and colorful designs demand a greater level of care and attention than other flooring covers. For one, when it is being cleaned we have to take great care to preserve the colors and to prevent the unraveling of patterns. That is why we use a careful combination of hand and machine cleaning to get the best clean and preserve the integrity of the rug. 

RV Carpet Cleaning 

You can either bring us your RV or Camper or we can come to you. The process is very simple and straight forward and we take great care not to disturb critical wiring that is usually found just underneath the carpet. 

Call us and let us get your carpet looking  bright and smelling fresh again. 

Yacht/Boat Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that one of the best ways to maintain the value of your Yacht is to keep the carpeting and upholstery in tip top shape? 

People on the boat will track in dirt, sand and water. There will also be issues with dust mites and other things that compromise the carpeting itself and may also cause problems wit allergens. 

We will come to you and ensure the highest quality work. We have the tools and cleaning solutions recommended by most Yacht builders. 

Mattress Cleaning

Did you know we spend about 1/3 of or lives in our beds? 

Therefore, a good portion of our dead skin cells build up there, enabling the growth of pesky dust mites. So if you suffer from asthma, eczema, sore eyes, sinus pain, sneezing, or hay fever, it is vital that you get a thorough mattress cleaning to revive your mattress and box spring. You would be amazed to learn about the large amounts of harmful green material that we clean off of the average mattress, and our customers and employees alike have noticed considerable decrease of allergenic symptoms when they had their mattress has been properly cleaned. 

Call us today. We have environmentally friendly cleaning products that ensure your mattress if left clean and fresh without the scent of chemicals.  We are Fort Lauderdale's top professional mattress cleaners.

The 3 main causes  of water damage is flooding from heavy rains, leaky roofs and broken pipes. But in our experience we have gone to homes and offices where the damage was caused by the failure of water heaters and even sewage back-ups.  

The cause of the damage must be considered when drying out a home or building. If it is “fresh” water, such as a broken pipe or leaky roof, the drying process is a little simpler than a sewage back-up.

Whatever the cause of the damage, we have a 3 step process that we use to get the job done and get your property back to normal. These 3 steps are: Remove, Clean & Dry

First we remove the water/contamination.  This is done by getting the affected areas dry as quickly as possible.

Then we Clean the area with a quality disinfectant to get rid of bacteria that may have formed.  Lastly, we 

Dry the area by ensuring there is air movement. We use directed air on damp areas aids in the evaporation process.

Remember, water damage can be potentially dangerous if not done right. It is common to think surfaces are dry when it really isn't dry enough to prevent things like Mold.  Our pros here  have meters and devices to determine when surfaces are totally dry. And we have the right products to do the job right — some of which you can’t get at your local grocery or hardware store.

Call us and get it done . Protect your property. 

Water Damage Restoration In 3 Simple Steps

Pet Odor Removal

Every pet owner, even with a well-trained pet, inevitably will have to remove pet stains and odors off their carpets. With pet stains, the faster you start the cleaning, the greater chance you have for a complete removal. If you wait, it becomes harder to remove and can start to damage your carpet. You can try to use store bought cleaners but they are often ineffective and the stains and smell come back in a few days. 

Calls us and we will do it the right way. With our tools, cleaning solutions and experience we will ensure that the smell goes and stays away for a very long time. 

Drape & Shade Cleaning

There are usually 3 ways to clean your Drapes: Steam Cleaning, Dry Cleaning or Washing. The method we use depends on the size, age and the type of fabric. But whichever method we use, our priority is to get it done in such a way to prevent damage, shrinkage or color fading. 

Call us to get your Drapes & Shades professionally cleaned. 

Upholstery Cleaning  

Upholstery cleaning can be a good way to save a lot of money. There are not many people who can afford replacing all the furniture in their homes every time it starts showing signs of wear. Dirt is more dangerous and abrasive than you think, as it will make furniture age faster. Therefore, if you want it to last longer, regular furniture upholstery cleaning is the key to prolonging furniture life and saving you money.

Call us today.  There is no job too small. We have the experience, tools and cleaning solution to ensure you get your upholstery cleaned in a way that prevents damage and maintains its value.

Leather Cleaning

Whether you have office or home furniture or it is the seats in your car, we can take care of it. We are the top professional leather cleaners in Fort Lauderdale

When we arrive we will inspect it and determine the type of leather and which process will work safely and most effectively. We then apply a cleaner that will break up the dirt and oils on the leather.

We will then gently agitate the surface of the leather and remove dirt and oils with a terry cloth pad leaving a clean dry surface. We will then apply a conditioner that replenishes the natural oils in your furniture leaving it soft and flexible.

Call us and let us get it done quickly. Let us get it done the right way. 

Tile & Grout Cleaning 

Most people think mopping does an adequate job, but the grout sits lower than the tile, causing the dirt and grease to accumulate there creating the perfect environment for bacteria to live and breed. When we clean it, we will not only remove the dirt, grease, and bacteria, we will also seal the grout to protect your floors between cleanings. We are the top professional grout & tile cleaners in Fort Lauderdale. Give us a call and let us get it done for you. 

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